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Radio-controlled direct detonation

Radio-controlled direct detonation - Bomb-tram lowering system that allows lighting fuses by radio from a distance

This reinforced electronic box optimizes the time spent triggering avalanches by offering the possibility of detonating 20 charges at once, thus simplifying the process to prepare each charge and increasing safety for explosives specialists by being able to light the fuse from a distance. An integrated weight sensor detects the presence of a charge.
  • Type of innovation : product
  • Clientele : operators
  • Tourist site : ski area
  • Start date: winter 2010
  • Design and R&D location: France, Savoie, La Ravoire

[ Advantages ]

  • Economic benefits : optimize operational costs, increase perceived value and customer satisfaction
  • Social impact : use local subcontractors

[ Company value-add ]

  • Maintenance, feasibility study (technical, legal, market…), development, sale and installation