How to use the Innovations Showcase ?

Why create the Innovation Showcase

This interactive and scalable tool was designed for mountain resort operators worldwide to learn more about the innovative products and services created and developed by Culster Montagne member companies.

How does it work

1- Select an innovation

The mountain development industry continues to modernize, improve, and evolve. Cluster Montagne and its members have identified 7 key issues that will shape the mountains of tomorrow:

Select one of these 7 issues for which you would like specific solutions and learn more about the corresponding innovations. Place your mouse over a solution to learn more and to view detailed information about the innovation.

2- Stay informed about the latest innovations

You can also choose to receive information by email on the latest innovations.

Simply fill out the form on this page.

For more information

The content for each profile serves to provide an overview, and Cluster Montagne encourages you to contact the company directly for more detailed information.