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Aten Altitude

Aten Altitude - Web platform for infrastructure operations, maintenance, and safety

As international competition increases, ski areas have two key issues they must deal with: complying with increasingly strict regulations, and improving profitability. Aten Altitude allows ski areas to reach both of these goals by improving process efficiency by 10% to 20% and ensuring certified regulatory compliance.
  • Type of innovation : product, service
  • Clientele : operators, local governments
  • Tourist site : ski area
  • Start date: winter 2013
  • Design and R&D location: France, Rhône-Alpes, Meylan

[ Advantages ]

  • Economic benefits : optimize operational costs, increase perceived value and customer satisfaction
  • Environmental impact : aide à la préservation de l'environnement.
  • Social impact : use local subcontractors

[ Company value-add ]

  • Maintenance, industrialization / manufacturing, sale and installation